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Our clients are our family, we work hard for you, with you.


We care about the business and it’s purpose. Your business is our business.


Connection is key. We aim to engage all links, the people, the business.

Demi brengt energie, kunde, teamspirit en creativiteit naar je organisatie en socials. Gun jezelf die boost in marketingpower!

Rob Simon

Hoe krachtig en zeker zij overkwam, ervaren wij nu wekelijks op de werkvloer. Demi heeft karakter, is slagvaardig en weet precies wat ze doet.

Jordi Pronk

Demi Maxime – Founder

After gaining work experience at various companies for a number of years, the entrepreneurial heart of Demi Maxime flourished. She soon discovered that she was an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, and with a background in fashion, food and media – The Content Twist was born.

Raised by a family of creatives, Demi organically formed the base as a creative entrepreneur from her early years, she was strongly influenced by the people, places and the expressive energy around her.

In recent years, Demi has worked at various reputable companies, forming an impressive portfolio and a high-profile set of clientele including the likes of Little Soho, Tony’s Chocolonely, HelloFresh and Life of Pie.

During the first few years, she focused on the fashion industry, where she gained experience working with visual design; after which she specialised in progressive and inventive content creation with a key focus on web design, a specific field where she found her true creative passion blossomed.

Demi makes sure that she is always personally connected with every brand she works with, she listens to each and every one of her clients and ensures that the request of each brand fits perfectly with the final design. Direct communication is one thing that makes her expertise stand out in this field.


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